towing the wineMy family and I recently drove home from Florida after spending a week at a beautiful beach in Ft. Walton. On our last day of vacation, we packed our suitcases into the car and decided to visit the beach one last time before heading home to Alabama. While on the beach, we took a few family photos and dipped our toes in the clear blue water.

It was finally time to leave, so my husband and I buckled our two children in their car seats and started the trek home. We took turns driving or sitting in the backseat with the children as they watched videos. As I drove, I periodically looked in the rear view mirror to see my children’s sun-kissed faces. I noticed they were holding their collected seashells tightly in their hands. We drove the majority of the way home with the windows down and the smell of lingering salt in the air. The children eventually fell asleep, and my husband and I had time to reflect our trip. We talked about the romantic night we sat by the outdoor fire and drank glasses of wine. We both agreed that the chilled bottle of Chardonnay paired wonderfully with our meal. The Chardonnay the local stocking clerk recommended had a voluptuous and citrusy taste-complete with pineapple and lemon zest flavors. The varietal was smooth, non-acidic, and the aroma was heavenly. My husband and I laughed when he recalled that I sent him back to the store to pick up another bottle of Chardonnay and the same store clerk gave him a sly look. We drank more wine than we should have and enjoyed a few hours of adult conversation that night.

The children awoke from their naps and were hungry, so I pulled off the interstate in Birmingham’s city limits and found the nearest gas station. I needed to purchase food and I noticed the gas tank was getting low. So, I added filling the car’s tank with gas for the last leg of our trip to my mental checklist. After making sure everyone was comfortable and fed, I proceeded back on to the interstate. The car started sputtering and stalling, and I realized that I forgot to pump gas. I felt silly–I was so distracted about the conversation I held with my husband about wine that I forgot to fill the tank! I pulled off to the side of the road. My ever dependable husband quickly pulled out his wallet and began searching for a business card. He called his associate and told him what happened. His co-worker mentioned a reputable company to call for help: Birmingham Affordable Towing. Within twenty minutes, Birmingham Towing sent a towing truck to our location. The kind driver took us and our vehicle back to the gas station where I purchased gas. I showed the gas station clerk my receipt and filled our car’s tank with gas. Before departing, I thanked the tow truck driver for his professionalism and services and jokingly told him to send a bill to the wine stockist in Florida.