napa valley visit
I recently traveled to California on a business trip. My client’s meeting took place in the northern part of the state. We stayed in a quaint bed and breakfast and went to meetings in an off-site location. The meeting was productive and fun. So much fun, that at times, I had to remind myself how lucky I am to work for such a great company. After the last meeting was over, my colleagues and I participated in a social activity. We took an hour-long bus ride to Napa Valley and toured a family-owned winery. Our destination was beautiful. When I arrived, I was taken aback by the rolling hills of greenery and the stark contrast of the grandiose architecture of the estate. The sun was setting, and there was a soft breeze in the air. Rows of grape vines dotted the horizon. It was such a picturesque vineyard.

My team and I were lead on a tour of the property and had the privilege of meeting the Smith family who operated the wine-making estate. I learned that the winery is rich in history and tradition. The Smith family has been harvesting grapes and making wine for three generations. Hands were extended for greetings and wine tastings were encouraged. I was offered a sampling of red wine and decided to purchase a bottle to send home. The atmosphere was rich and convivial. The operators explained the process of making wine and informed us that the grapes they harvest incorporate sustainable farming. The journey of making wine for the Smith family is a seasonal process, and I was able to watch in awe as workers harvested the grapes. I was amazed at the family’s meticulous devotion to their customers. No question of mine was left unanswered, and the tour was informative and interesting.

I hope to return very soon.