I have always been an advocate for aging gracefully. However, with social media and photo shop, it has become difficult to keep the desire of taking alternative measures at bay. My friend recently came over to help me celebrate my birthday. She knew I was not really pleased with starting a new decade, so to spread some cheer, she introduced me to a wine called Madiran that is produced in the southwest region of France. She told me that a few glasses in moderation help slow the aging process. My Great Grandmother is of French lineage and aged beautifully, so I was more than eager to try a few glasses and toast to starting a new chapter. Even though the wine did not pair well with the two slices of cake I ate (I could not resist), the wine was delicious–very full bodied. After my friend left, I did some research on wine and discovered that my friend was right. How did I not know about this not-so-well-kept secret?

In doing my due diligence, I found that reservatol, the agent that is found in the seeds and stems of grapes, is responsible for the red color of wines and helps prevent early aging. Procyanidin keeps our red blood vessels healthy. This compound promotes a longer life span. I found that fascinating because my Great Grandmother lived well into her late eighties and was not shy about drinking a few glasses of wine with her dinner. I also learned that red wine helps promote glowing skin because it is rich in antioxidants–which eliminates free radicals from the human body. I definitely want to start the year off by exuding youthful confidence.

I think I will maintain my daily exercise regime and healthy meal planning, but I am excited to learn that I can drink a few glasses of wine to slow the aging process.